Do we print custom orders?

We do not provide custom printing services on any of our products due to the minimum quantity requirement set by our printers. In order to fulfill a custom tee request, we would have to print more than just one shirt which may not be suitable for individuals who only need a small number of custom orders.

How long will it take for your order to arrive?

Before the pandemic turned the world upside down, shipping within the US took 2-5 days. International shipping took at the most 5-14 days.

But we're seeing shipping times up to 10-14 days for some orders within the US.

And sometimes, up to 2 months for international orders.

Hopefully, things are getting better and everything is almost back to normal.

What is our return policy?

Please read it here.

Who does our drawings?

Our resident artist is Artifacts Artificial. Occasionally, we might feature other artist and collaborators.

You can check Artifacts Artificial here

Can we print you a Naruto graphic tee?

We do not offer Naruto graphic tees as all of our designs are original creations by our artists and are copyrighted. We avoid legal issues by not using licensed artwork. Additionally, we believe in the fun and creativity of producing unique designs rather than reproducing something that has already been done well by someone else.

Are we hiring artists?

Although we are open to the possibility, we are not currently hiring any artists.

How can you contact us?

You can send us an email through our contact form